Commit 645ff094 authored by Alexis  CRISCUOLO's avatar Alexis CRISCUOLO
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parent 84de29c6
......@@ -326,12 +326,13 @@ -v l SRR001666_1.fastq.gz > SRR001666_1.svg -v p SRR001666_2.fastq.gz > SRR001666_2.svg
<p align="center">
![landscape](example/SRR001666_1.landscape.svg "SRR001666_1.svg")
<img align="center" src="example/SRR001666_1.landscape.svg">
<p align="center">
![portrait](example/SRR001666_2.portrait.svg "SRR001666_2.svg")
<img align="center" src="example/SRR001666_2.portrait.svg">
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