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# Description
When considerint a set of aligned sequences, identical characters can be the result of convergent evolution, or direct ancestry - in that's case it's called a synapomorphy.
This scripts aims at finding shared characters inside a multiple sequence alignment irrespective of the evolution of the sequences.
It takes as input a fasta file containing aligned sequences, and a list of sequences whose name match those in the alignment.
The output is a list of the shared characters followed by an entropy score - the closest is the score to 1, the more the result is significant.
If the sequences you gave as parameters share a common ancestor, then the output are synapomorphies.
# Installation
Download the file, navigate to its location then type
chmod +x
# Usage
./ "seq1,seq2,seq3" <input_file> <output_file>
* the input file is a fasta file containing a multiple sequences alignment
* the sequences of interest are comma-separated and inside a pair of double quotes
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