Commit 0541f42f authored by Amine  GHOZLANE's avatar Amine GHOZLANE
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Reset value of demodataset

parent 297362bf
......@@ -1403,6 +1403,7 @@ shinyServer(function(input, output,session) {
updateSelectInput(session, "FileFormat","",selected = "fileBiom")
updateSelectInput(session, "DemoDataset","",selected = "...")
values$biom_masque = paste(values$curdir,"www","masque","done",paste("file",values$masque_key,sep=""),paste("shaman_silva.biom",sep=""),sep= .Platform$file.sep)
values$tree_masque = paste(values$curdir,"www","masque","done",paste("file",values$masque_key,sep=""),paste("shaman_silva_tree.nhx",sep=""),sep= .Platform$file.sep)
sendSweetAlert(messageId="DemoDataset", title = "Success", text = "Data of XXX were successfully loaded. You can go to statistical analysis section.", type = "success", html=TRUE)
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