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Raw read submission is back

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......@@ -86,6 +86,7 @@ function(request) {
title = "What's new in SHAMAN", width = NULL, status = "primary",
div(style = 'overflow-y: scroll; height: 550px',
addNews("May 5th 2021","Server maintenance is done","Raw reads submission is back. We updated vsearch to 2.17, RDP classifier to 2.13, Bowtie to and Biom to 2.1.10. Let us know if you meet any issue."),
addNews("April 28th 2021","Server maintenance from 3-6 Mai 2021","Raw reads submission will be temporarly desactivated from Mai 3 until 6 due to a cluster maintenance."),
addNews("Feburary 19th 2020","New feature","Shaman now support Epi2me data output. Let us know if you meet any issue."),
addNews("August 19th 2020","SHAMAN paper is out","We are really happy to announce that the paper describing in depth shaman and comparing this application to other available is out in BMC Bioinformatics. Moreover we keep improving the stability and functions of the application and we hope that we will be able to maintain this application for a long time."),
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