Commit 14caf8e9 authored by Daniel Felipe  GONZALEZ OBANDO's avatar Daniel Felipe GONZALEZ OBANDO
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fix possible NoSuchElementFoundException

parent b55e2ded
......@@ -1471,7 +1471,9 @@ public class ActiveContours extends EzPlug implements EzStoppable, Block {
if (nbContours == 1) {
// use the current thread
new LocalRegionStatisticsComputer(allContoursAtTimeT.iterator().next(), !locally).call();
for (ActiveContour contour: allContoursAtTimeT) {
new LocalRegionStatisticsComputer(contour, !locally).call();
} else {
// use multiple threads
Collection<Callable<Object>> updaters = new ArrayList<Callable<Object>>(allContoursAtTimeT.size());
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