minor change

parent 2797bac7
......@@ -556,8 +556,8 @@ public class SequenceFileGroupImporter extends AbstractImageProvider implements
final OMEXMLMetadata result = MetaDataUtil.createMetadata(name);
// minimum metadata
MetaDataUtil.setMetaData(result, currentGroup.totalSizeX, currentGroup.totalSizeY, currentGroup.totalSizeC,
currentGroup.totalSizeZ, currentGroup.totalSizeT, baseType.dataType, true);
MetaDataUtil.setMetaData(result, group.totalSizeX, group.totalSizeY, group.totalSizeC,
group.totalSizeZ, group.totalSizeT, baseType.dataType, true);
// pixel size & time interval
if (baseType.pixelSizeX > 0d)
MetaDataUtil.setPixelSizeX(result, 0, baseType.pixelSizeX);
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