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package icy.doc;
* Enable doc package in the javadoc.
class Documentation
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ The basic image classes of Icy are the <a href="icy/sequence/Sequence.html">Sequ
The <a href="icy/sequence/Sequence.html">Sequence</a> class allows the definition of an image over the 5 [XYCZT] dimensions.<br/>
It contains a list of and <a href="icy/image/IcyBufferedImage.html">IcyBufferedImage</a> and maintain a [Z,T] position for each of them.<br/>
<img src="icy/doc/doc-files/img_struc.png"/>
<img src="doc-files/img_struc.png"/>
The <a href="icy/image/IcyBufferedImage.html">IcyBufferedImage</a> object overrides the AWT <a href="">BufferedImage</a> object so it remains compatible with the available API as image transformation and processing.
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