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# SURF - Speeded Up Robust Features
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This repository contains the code used for the plugin Match SURF Features and Extract SURF Features.

This two plugins are available as both Interface plugins and Protocols blocks.

The project has been prepared using gradle and eclipse to simplify project configuration. See below to setup this project on your machine.

## Installation

### Requirements

In order to be able to work with this project you must have installed the following software:

- **Icy**, version or above. ( [Available here]( )
  - The following plugins should be already installed in order to use the SURF project:
    - EzPlug SDK
    - Protocols SDK
- **Eclipse**, version _Neon_ or above. Make sure to have the _Buildship_ plugin installed. ([Available here](
- **Icy4Eclipse** plugin for Eclipse, the latest version available. Follow [these]( instructions.

### Setup

1. Use your *Git* repository manager of preference to download this repository (even Eclipse can do this). The repository URL is [](
2. Make sure the environment variable **ICY_HOME** is set to the location of your Icy installation. _**Note**: This could be tricky on Mac so make sure to follow [these]( instructions._
3. Open Eclipse and select the menu *File > Import...* Then select *Gradle > Existing Gradle Project*. Click *Next* the project root directory is demanded select the folder **** inside the folder you downloaded the at. Finally, click *Finish* to create the project in eclipse.

Eclipse will download the dependencies specified in the ** file. When it finishes you should see the project without any problem on the project explorer of Eclipse. *If this is not the case, check that the environment variable ICY_HOME is correctly defined.*