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# Template maven repository for Icy plugins.
# Maven template repository for Icy plugins.
![Icy logo](static/icy_imaging_software_logo-2.png)
![Icy logo](static/icy_imaging_software_logo-2.png)
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This is the repository for the source code of *Maven template plugin*, a plugin for the [bioimage analysis software Icy](, which was developed by members or former members of the [Biological Image Analysis unit at Institut Pasteur]( This plugin is licensed under GPL3 license.
Icy is developed and maintained by [Biological Image Analysis unit at Institut Pasteur]( The [source code of Icy]( is also licensed under a GPL3 license.
## Plugin description
This repository serves as a template for your future Icy plugin. If you want to create a new Icy plugin using **maven** for dependency management, just clone this repository, and edit it to your needs. The following gives hints about what to edit and how.
A more detailed user documentation can be found on the Maven template plugin documentation page on the Icy website:
## What to edit.
### The `pom.xml` file.
......@@ -98,3 +111,35 @@ The two examples in this repository are inspired by it. You will find:
The example image found in the `samples` folder is courtesy of Jakub Sedzinsky, University of Copenhagen. It is an epithelium of the neural plate of _Xenopus laevis_ visualized by utrophin-GFP.
## Installation instructions
For end-users, refer to the documentation on the Icy website on [how to install an Icy plugin](
For developers, see our [Contributing guidelines]( and [Code of Conduct](
## Main functions and usage
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Classname: `plugins.authorname.MyIcyPlugin` or `plugins.authorname.MyEzPlugIcyPlugin`
## Citation
Please cite this plugins as follows:
Please also cite the Icy software and mention the version of Icy you used (bottom right corner of the GUI or first lines of the Output tab):
de Chaumont, F. et al. (2012) Icy: an open bioimage informatics platform for extended reproducible research, [Nature Methods](, 9, pp. 690-696
## Author(s)
Amandine TOURNAY, Jean-Yves Tinevez, Stéphane Dallongeville
## Additional information
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