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## de Novo Ambiguous Restraints for Iterative Assignment
**A pipeline for automated de novo contact map assignment**
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**ariaec** is a Python_ library that provides *de novo* structure prediction
based on ARIA_ pipeline and evolutionary restraints inferred from co-evolution.
The package add a new command line interface aside the usual ARIA commands in
order to convert data, setup an ARIA project with evolutionary restraints,
analyze contact maps or protein structures and generate statistics from a culled
list of PDB files.
## Quick Start
Be sure to check if the following packages are correctly installed with
your python installation or virtual environment.
- **pip** (>= 9.0)
- **setuptools** (>= 18.0)
- **numpy** (>= 1.11)
- **cns-solve** (1.21)
Then the easiest solution is to call the **pip** command below :
`pip install git+`
For more information about installation and usage, please refer to the
[ARIAEC documentation](
This package contains patches for **CNS-solve** which needs to be compiled
after the installation. Please follow post installation instruction
before using ``aria2`` pipeline.
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## Contributing
Please read [guidelines for contributing]( for any
suggestions or bug report.
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