Commit 8e50b10d authored by Fabrice Allain's avatar Fabrice Allain
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fix: add debug log message in ssclash

parent beb49352
......@@ -2185,8 +2185,8 @@ class MapFilter(object):
start_list = [ss_start_end[elm][0] for elm in ss_start_end]
end_list = [ss_start_end[elm][1] for elm in ss_start_end]
LOG.debug("Checking secondary structures clashes for contact list {0} "
"with secondary structure list {1}".format(str(contact_list),
"[{1}] with secondary structure list {2} [{3}]".format(
str(contact_list), len(contact_list), str(ss_list), len(ss_list)))
for icontact, contact in enumerate(contact_list):
# For each res-res contact
outcontact = str(hum_contact(contact))
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