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de Novo Ambiguous Restraints for Iterative Assignment
## de Novo Ambiguous Restraints for Iterative Assignment
**A pipeline for automated de novo contact map assignment**
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[![pipeline status](](
[![coverage report](](
[![aria paper](](
**ariaec** is a Python_ library that provides *de novo* structure prediction
based on ARIA_ pipeline and evolutionary restraints inferred from co-evolution.
......@@ -31,48 +17,29 @@ analyze contact maps or protein structures and generate statistics from a culled
list of PDB files.
Quick Start
## Quick Start
Be sure to check if the following packages are correctly installed with
your python installation or virtual environment.
* **pip** (>= 9.0)
* **setuptools** (>= 18.0)
* **numpy** (>= 1.11)
* **cns-solve** (1.21)
- **pip** (>= 9.0)
- **setuptools** (>= 18.0)
- **numpy** (>= 1.11)
- **cns-solve** (1.21)
Then the easiest solution is to call the **pip** command below :
``pip install git+``
`pip install git+`
For more information about installation and usage, please refer to the
`ARIAEC documentation <>`_.
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[ARIAEC documentation](
This package contains patches for **CNS-solve** which needs to be compiled
after the installation. Please follow post installation instruction
before using ``aria2`` pipeline.
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## Contributing
Please read `guidelines for contributing <>`_ for any
Please read [guidelines for contributing]( for any
suggestions or bug report.
.. Hyperlinks
.. _ZIP:
.. _TAR:
.. _Gitlab:
.. _ARIA:
.. _Python:
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