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add main to use dikjstra

parent 2bc18452
from graph.maze import Maze
from graph.graph_3 import Node, Edge, UnDirectedGraph
from graph.traversing import Dikjstra
labyrinthe = Maze(10, 10)
graph = UnDirectedGraph()
max = labyrinthe.nb_rows * labyrinthe.nb_cols
for row in range(labyrinthe.nb_rows):
for col in range(labyrinthe.nb_cols):
cell = labyrinthe.maze[col][row]
if cell == '.':
graph.add_edge(Node(), Node(), rank=max)
start = graph.get_node_by_id(0)
target = graph.get_node_by_id(12)
paths = Dikjstra(graph, start, target)
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