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<system inter_gene_max_space="5" min_mandatory_genes_required="4" min_genes_required="4" >
<gene name="YshA" presence="mandatory"/>
<gene name="YihO" presence="mandatory"/>
<gene name="YihQ" presence="mandatory"/>
<gene name="YihS" presence="mandatory"/>
<gene name="YihT" presence="mandatory"/>
<gene name="YihU" presence="mandatory"/>
<gene name="YihV" presence="mandatory"/>
<gene name="YihW" presence="mandatory"/>
<gene name="Wzy.select2" presence="accessory"/>
<gene name="Wzz" presence="accessory" />
<gene name="Wzx" presence="forbidden" />
<gene name="KpsM" presence="forbidden" />
<gene name="KpsT" presence="forbidden" />
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