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# docker-intermine-gradle
Docker for InterMine
## Requirements
- Docker
- Docker compose
## Quickstart
### Build images locally and start mine
docker-compose -f local.docker-compose.yml up --build
### Pull images from Dokcer Hub and start mine
docker-compose -f dockerhub.docker-compose.yml up
Wait for 10-15 mins for the build to finish. Then visit **`localhost:9999/biotestmine`**
to visit your mine (yes it is that easy now!!)
> to surely determine whether build is finished or not, search for `intermine_builder exited with code 0` message in your docker-compose logs.
## Customizing your mine instance
### Adding data and project configs
After quickstart you have a data folder created at your current working directory.
Add your data files to **`data/mine/data`** folder.
> Remeber to create a folder for each of your data files
Add your config files to **`data/mine/config`** folder.
### Changing default settings
You can configure a lot of options by just creating a .env file in the current working directory and adding the required key value pairs.
Available options are:
- Set your desired mine name here.
- Set the port of your host machine to which tomcat docker container binds to. This is the port that you will use to access the mine webapp.
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