Commit 913a99c8 authored by Remi  PLANEL's avatar Remi PLANEL
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test dump db

parent 4b560014
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
<!-- First gff and then fasta if you want to have the sequence available -->
<source name="LegioParis-gff" type="legiolist-gff" version="4.1.1">
<source name="LegioParis-gff" type="legiolist-gff" version="4.1.1" dump="true">
<property name="gff3.taxonId" value="297246"/>
<property name="gff3.seqDataSourceName" value="LegioList LegioParis"/>
<property name="gff3.dataSourceName" value="LegioList"/>
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