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Add script to convert genome to gene multiple fasta file

parent 67a8dbe9
#!/usr/bin/env python3
from Bio import SeqIO
from Bio.SeqRecord import SeqRecord
from pathlib import Path
import click
from itertools import chain
import re
type=click.Path(exists=True, dir_okay=True, file_okay=True),
help="Genome input source",
"-o", "--output-dir", type=click.Path("wb"), help="path to the output dir"
@click.option("-f", "--output-format", type=str, help="output sequence format")
@click.option("-t", "--feature-type", type=str, help="")
def split_genomes(directory, output_dir, output_format, feature_type):
genomes = gen_path_with_format(directory)
gen_genomes = gen_genomes_with_steam(genomes)
for filename, genome in gen_genomes:
write_sequence(genome, filename, output_dir, output_format, feature_type)
def write_sequence(genome, filename, directory, sequence_format, feature_type):
with open(
Path(directory) / (filename + "." + sequence_format), "w"
) as output_handle:
print("# Write file " + filename)
for record in genome:
for feat in record.features:
if feat.type == feature_type:
feature_seq = feat.extract(record.seq)
seq_record = SeqRecord(feature_seq)
locus_tags = feat.qualifiers.get("locus_tag")
product = feat.qualifiers.get("product")
if locus_tags and len(locus_tags) > 0: = locus_tags[0]
if product:
p = re.compile(r"^\s+$")
if not p.match(product[0]):
seq_record.description = product[0]
SeqIO.write(seq_record, output_handle, sequence_format)
raise ("No locus tag !!!")
def gen_path_with_format(input_str):
input_path = Path(input_str)
if input_path.is_dir():
for genome_path in chain(
map(lambda genome: ("embl", genome), input_path.rglob("*.embl")),
map(lambda genome: ("genbank", genome), input_path.rglob("*.genbank")),
yield genome_path
suffix = input_path.suffix
if suffix == ".embl":
yield ("embl", input_path)
yield ("genbank", input_path)
def gen_genomes_with_steam(genomes):
for genome_format, genome in genomes:
yield (str(Path(genome.stem)), SeqIO.parse(genome, genome_format))
if __name__ == "__main__":
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