Commit 628f8ab5 authored by Hervé  MENAGER's avatar Hervé MENAGER
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add script to upload material after galaxy launch during build

parent a02d51eb
set -m
. /app/galaxy/.venv/bin/activate
cwltool --pack /app/workflow-is-cwl/workflows/cmsearch-multimodel-wf.cwl > /app/workflow-is-cwl/workflows/cmsearch-multimodel-wf.packed.cwl
cat /app/workflow-is-cwl/workflows/cmsearch-multimodel-wf.packed.cwl
sh /app/ &
echo "Galaxy PID is $GALAXY_PID"
wait-for-it/ -t 240 localhost:8080 -- sleep 10
echo "Upload Material to Galaxy"
python /app/
echo "Kill Galaxy process"
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