Commit d82790d4 authored by Rachel  LEGENDRE's avatar Rachel LEGENDRE
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include peaks from IDR in igv_session only if narrow mode is chosen

parent 5e495879
......@@ -970,8 +970,10 @@ if config["igv_session"]["do"]:
if len(IP_REP) > 1 and config["macs2"]["do"]:
if config["intersectionApproach"]["do"]:
igv_session_input += expand(intersectionApproach_output, CALLER="macs2_" + model, IP_IDR=IP_REP)
elif model in ["narrow"] and not config["intersectionApproach"]["do"] and config["compute_idr"]["do"]:
igv_session_input += expand(select_peaks_output, CALLER="macs2", IP_IDR=IP_REP)
else :
igv_session_input += expand(macs2_output, SAMPLE=IP_ALL)
elif len(IP_REP) > 1 and config["seacr"]["do"]:
igv_session_input += expand(intersectionApproach_output, CALLER="seacr_" + config["seacr"]["threshold"], IP_IDR=IP_REP)
if len(IP_ALL) > 1 and config["macs2"]["do"]:
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