Commit 009781c3 authored by James Allen's avatar James Allen
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Leave new lines in after_install script

parent a7370d5d
......@@ -431,10 +431,12 @@ module.exports = (grunt) ->
for dir in ["data/user_files", "tmp/uploads", "data/compiles", "data/cache", "tmp/dumpFolder"]
after_install_script += """
mkdir -p /var/lib/sharelatex/#{dir}
after_install_script += """
chown -R sharelatex:sharelatex /var/lib/sharelatex
for service in SERVICES
......@@ -9,7 +9,13 @@ mkdir -p /var/log/sharelatex
chown sharelatex:sharelatex /var/log/sharelatex
mkdir -p /var/lib/sharelatex
mkdir -p /var/lib/sharelatex/data/user_filesmkdir -p /var/lib/sharelatex/tmp/uploadsmkdir -p /var/lib/sharelatex/data/compilesmkdir -p /var/lib/sharelatex/data/cachemkdir -p /var/lib/sharelatex/tmp/dumpFolderchown -R sharelatex:sharelatex /var/lib/sharelatexservice sharelatex-web restart
mkdir -p /var/lib/sharelatex/data/user_files
mkdir -p /var/lib/sharelatex/tmp/uploads
mkdir -p /var/lib/sharelatex/data/compiles
mkdir -p /var/lib/sharelatex/data/cache
mkdir -p /var/lib/sharelatex/tmp/dumpFolder
chown -R sharelatex:sharelatex /var/lib/sharelatex
service sharelatex-web restart
service sharelatex-document-updater restart
service sharelatex-clsi restart
service sharelatex-filestore restart
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