Commit 6e91742a authored by Hayden Faulds's avatar Hayden Faulds
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add postinstall message explaining how to use bin/install-services

parent 6ef2cae5
......@@ -87,9 +87,11 @@ module.exports = (grunt) ->
grunt.registerTask 'install:all', "Download and set up all ShareLaTeX services",
("install:#{}" for service in SERVICES)
grunt.registerTask 'install', 'install:all'
grunt.registerTask 'postinstall', 'Explain postinstall steps', () ->
Helpers.postinstallMessage @async()
grunt.registerTask 'update:all', "Checkout and update all ShareLaTeX services",
......@@ -147,6 +149,17 @@ module.exports = (grunt) ->
proc.on "close", () ->
postinstallMessage: (callback = (error) ->) ->
grunt.log.write """
Services cloned:
#{ for service in SERVICES}
To install services run:
$ source bin/install-services
This will install the required node versions and run `npm install` for each service.
See for more info.
checkMake: (callback = (error) ->) ->
grunt.log.write "Checking make is installed... "
exec "make --version", (error, stdout, stderr) ->
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