Commit 811f168f authored by James Allen's avatar James Allen
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Add in aspell check

parent 14ee66fe
......@@ -116,9 +116,11 @@ module.exports = (grunt) ->
Helpers.checkS3 @async()
grunt.registerTask "check:fs", "Check that local filesystem options are configured", () ->
Helpers.checkFS @async()
grunt.registerTask "check:aspell", "Check that aspell is installed", () ->
Helpers.checkAspell @async()
grunt.registerTask "check:make", "Check that make is installed", () ->
Helpers.checkMake @async()
grunt.registerTask "check", "Check that you have the required dependencies installed", ["check:redis", "check:latexmk", "check:s3", "check:fs"]
grunt.registerTask "check", "Check that you have the required dependencies installed", ["check:redis", "check:latexmk", "check:s3", "check:fs", "check:aspell"]
grunt.registerTask "build_deb", "Build an installable .deb file from the current directory", () ->
Helpers.buildDeb @async()
......@@ -235,6 +237,33 @@ module.exports = (grunt) ->
error = new Error("latexmk is too old")
checkAspell: (callback = (error) ->) ->
grunt.log.write "Checking aspell is installed... "
exec "aspell dump dicts", (error, stdout, stderr) ->
if error? and error.message.match("command not found")
grunt.log.error "FAIL."
grunt.log.errorlns """
Either aspell is not installed or is not in your PATH.
On Ubuntu you can install aspell with:
sudo apt-get install aspell
Or on a mac:
brew install aspell
This is not a fatal error, but the spell-checker will not work
without aspell
return callback(error)
else if error?
return callback(error)
grunt.log.writeln "OK."
grunt.log.writeln "The following spell check dictionaries are available:"
grunt.log.write stdout
checkS3: (callback = (error) ->) ->
Settings = require "settings-sharelatex"
......@@ -269,7 +298,7 @@ module.exports = (grunt) ->
Could not connect to Amazon S3. Please check your credentials.
grunt.log.write "OK."
grunt.log.writeln "OK."
grunt.log.writeln "Filestore other than S3 configured. Not checking S3."
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