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add instruction for venv setup on TARS

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Scripts and instructions to run CWL on TARS
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# Scripts and instructions to run CWL on TARS
## Usage
# Maintenance and Development
## Setting up virtual environment for Toil
28/05/2019: _The following instruction will change when different PR will be merged to the main repositories_
To set up and environment for Toil on Tars, follow the the following instructions:
module load Python/3.7.2
python3 -m venv your-toil-venv
source your-toil-venv/bin/activate
(your-toil-venv)$ pip install toil
(your-toil-venv)$ pip install git+ # This will change soon
(your-toil-venv)$ pip install git+ # This need to change to to be more stable
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