Commit 07aa8e8a authored by Bryan  BRANCOTTE's avatar Bryan BRANCOTTE
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rename image to avoid confusion between the image and the command

parent b8040730
docker build . -t test
docker build . -t test_vhrdb
docker run -v $(pwd)/persistent_volume:/code/persistent_volume -e "USE_SQLITE_AS_DB=True" -e "ALLOWED_HOSTS=localhost" -e "SECRET_KEY=*" -e "DEBUG=True" -e "STATIC_URL=/static" -e "MEDIA_URL=/media" -e "PROJECT_NAME=viralhostrange" -p 8086:8086 test
docker run -v $(pwd)/persistent_volume:/code/persistent_volume -e "USE_SQLITE_AS_DB=True" -e "ALLOWED_HOSTS=localhost" -e "SECRET_KEY=*" -e "DEBUG=True" -e "STATIC_URL=/static" -e "MEDIA_URL=/media" -e "PROJECT_NAME=viralhostrange" -p 8086:8086 test_vhrdb
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