Commit 6b2f62ce authored by Jean-Yves TINEVEZ's avatar Jean-Yves TINEVEZ
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Fix the 3D ellipse fit call.

We want to run the fit on the non-centered points to yield the center
of the ellipse in the returned array.
parent 00e5ca18
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ classdef epicell
% Morphological descriptors on non-downsampled boundary.
p = epicell.centered_points( boundary );
obj.euler_angles = epicell.fit_plane( p );
obj.ellipse_fit = epicell.fit_ellipse_3d( p, obj.euler_angles );
obj.ellipse_fit = epicell.fit_ellipse_3d( boundary, obj.euler_angles );
function h = plot_patch_2d( obj, val )
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