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Second example has a scale-bar of 50 µm.

parent 087977ff
......@@ -17,11 +17,11 @@ root_folder = 'samples';
% The segmentation results. Here we use the results from Y. Bellaiche lab
% analysis software. The results must contain a CELL, FRAME, VERTICES and
% SIDES structures.
segmentation_filename = 'SIA_161210_gfapnlsg_Backup_001.mat';
segmentation_filename = 'AdultZebrafishBrainSeg.mat';
% The tissue surface mesh. It must be a mesh mapping the tissue surface,
% openedd at the tissue borders.
mesh_filename = 'SimplifiedMesh.ply';
mesh_filename = 'AdultZebrafishBrainSimplifiedMesh.ply';
% The physical unit of length must be specified (not stored elsewhere).
units = 'µm';
......@@ -48,23 +48,24 @@ dpr = deproj.from_bellaiche( ...
%% Plot morphological parameters.
close all
scale_bar_length = 50; % um.
fprintf( 'Plotting the cell sizes.\n' )
dpr.figure_cell_sizes( scale_bar_length );
fprintf( 'Plotting the tissue orientation.\n' )
dpr.figure_tissue_orientation( scale_bar_length );
fprintf( 'Plotting the tissue local curvature.\n' )
dpr.figure_curvatures( scale_bar_length );
fprintf( 'Plotting the cell elongation and direction.\n' )
dpr.figure_cell_elongation( scale_bar_length );
fprintf( 'Plotting the impact of projection distorsion.\n' )
dpr.figure_distorsions( scale_bar_length );
fprintf( 'Plotting the topology figure.\n' )
dpr.figure_topology( scale_bar_length );
fprintf( 'Finished.\n' )
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