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# DeProj metrics.
We give here the list of metrics returned by DeProj and their definition.
## The core classes: `deproj` and `epicell`.
The DeProj toolbox revolves around two MATLAB classes:
- The `epicell`class is used to store the data for one cell in a tissue. It is made of several fields we describe below:
o =
epicell with properties:
boundary: [26×3 single]
center: [2.4705 11.1826 3.1008]
junction_ids: [5×1 double]
area: 8.0176
perimeter: 12.5227
euler_angles: [-2.0734 0.4195 -0.2500]
curvatures: [0.0110 -4.8103e-05 0.0240 -0.0020]
ellipse_fit: [2.2284 11.1114 3.1008 2.3848 1.1178 0.4528]
eccentricity: 0.8834
proj_direction: 1.2539
uncorrected_area: 7.3173
uncorrected_perimeter: 12.1116
id: 4
- The `deproj` class manages a collection of `epicell`s, and represent for instance the results of the analysis of a whole image.
dpr =
deproj with properties:
epicells: [426×1 epicell]
junction_graph: [1×1 graph]
units: 'µm'
## The `epicell` class properties.
### `boundary`
The `boundary` property stores a 3D polygon that delimits the cell. It is represented as a `N x 3` matrix, with points sorted
## The `deproj` class properties.
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