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<div class="card">
<div class="card-title text-center">
<a class="infobulle" href='#'>
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<span>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas pulvinar ornare hendrerit.
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ligula ultricies venenatis. Duis ut congue magna. </span>
<small>For information, a Zscore is given when you mouseover a cavity name. If its value is greater than {{ avg_std|get_zscore_threshold }} (-2 x the standard deviation), it should be interpreted with caution.</small>
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<table id="cavitiestable" class="table table-hover shadow table-responsive table-sm zui-table table-header-rotated">
......@@ -163,7 +173,7 @@
<th class="rotate-45" title="% of h‐bond donor points" scope="col"><div><span>N</span></div></th>
<th class="rotate-45" title="% of h‐bond acceptor points" scope="col"><div><span>O</span></div></th>
<th class="rotate-45" title="% of h‐bond acceptor & donor points" scope="col"><div><span>OG</span></div></th>
<th class="rotate-45" title="% of positively ionizable points" scope="col"><div><span>Z</span></div></th>
<th class="rotate-45" title="% of positively ionizable points" scope="col"><div><span>NZ</span></div></th>
<th class="rotate-45" title="% of negatively ionizable points" scope="col"><div><span>OD1</span></div></th>
<th class="rotate-45" title="% of non specific cavity points" scope="col"><div><span>DU</span></div></th>
<th class="rotate-45" title="% cavity points with buridness below 33.3%" scope="col"><div><span>T40</div></th>
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