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fix extra code copied by mistake in

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......@@ -124,20 +124,3 @@ class PDBFormTestCase(TestCase):
form.has_error("pdb_id", code="no_mapping"),
"PDB code with no Uniprot mapping (3wn8) should be rejected with no_mappping error code",
class PDBFormTestCase(TestCase):
Test the PDB form data validation
def test_valid(self):
form = PDBForm({"pdb_id": "3wn7"})
self.assertTrue(form.is_valid(), "valid PDB code should be accepted")
def test_invalid_PDB_format(self):
form = PDBForm({"pdb_id": "33wn7"})
self.assertFalse(form.is_valid(), "5 char long PDB code should be rejected")
form.has_error("pdb_id", code="max_length"),
"5 char long PDB code should be rejected with max_length error code",
\ No newline at end of file
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