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fix style on latest modifications

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......@@ -286,7 +286,9 @@ class Protein(AutoFillableModel):
return len(self.entry_name) > 0
def __str__(self):
return "{} ({})".format(self.uniprot_id, self.recommended_name_long or self.short_name)
return "{} ({})".format(
self.uniprot_id, self.recommended_name_long or self.short_name
class Domain(AutoFillableModel):
......@@ -466,13 +466,11 @@ class TestProtein(TestCase):
# this test ensures that we can save a protein with no gene name
# in the DB
p = Protein()
p.uniprot_id= 'P00784'
p.uniprot_id = "P00784"
except Exception as exc:"exception {exc} raised while saving protein P00784")"exception {exc} raised while saving protein P00784")
class TestGetPubMEDIdInfo(TestCase):
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