Commit 64e71fe7 authored by Bryan  BRANCOTTE's avatar Bryan BRANCOTTE
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put label, help_text and verbose_name in po file

parent 327bec3c
......@@ -449,7 +449,10 @@ class Compound(AutoFillableModel):
objects = CompoundManager()
canonical_smile = models.TextField(
'Canonical Smile', unique=True)
is_macrocycle = models.BooleanField('Contains one or more macrocycles')
is_macrocycle = models.BooleanField(
verbose_name= _('is_macrocycle_verbose_name'),
help_text= _('is_macrocycle_help_text'),
aromatic_ratio = models.DecimalField(
'Aromatic ratio', max_digits=3, decimal_places=2)
balaban_index = models.DecimalField(
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