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reformat with black

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......@@ -28,18 +28,21 @@ def status_class(value):
return "table-secondary"
def rule_status_icon(value, title):
if value is True:
class_suffix = 'success'
icon_suffix = 'check'
class_suffix = "success"
icon_suffix = "check"
elif value is False:
class_suffix = 'danger'
icon_suffix = 'times'
class_suffix = "danger"
icon_suffix = "times"
class_suffix = 'secondary'
class_suffix = 'question'
return mark_safe(f'<i class="fas fa-{icon_suffix} text-{class_suffix}" title="{title}: failed"></i>')
class_suffix = "secondary"
class_suffix = "question"
return mark_safe(
f'<i class="fas fa-{icon_suffix} text-{class_suffix}" title="{title}: failed"></i>'
......@@ -101,7 +104,11 @@ def bootstrap_core(object):
# HACK: if the css_class is a bootstrap column layout, transfer it to container element
for css_class in css_classes:
if css_class.startswith("col") or css_class.startswith("order-") or css_class.startswith("mb-"):
if (
or css_class.startswith("order-")
or css_class.startswith("mb-")
wrapping_classes += f" {css_class}"
css_classes = set(
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