Unverified Commit bab7406c authored by Ian Smith's avatar Ian Smith Committed by GitHub
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Update tests/test_bash_preexec.sh

Co-authored-by: default avatarMark Vander Stel <mvndrstl@gmail.com>
parent 6469c59c
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ if [[ -z ${BASH_VERSION-} ]]; then
# Install bash-preexec.sh
if [[ ! -f bash-prexec.sh ]]; then
if [[ ! -f bash-preexec.sh ]]; then
echo "Installing bash-preexec.sh in $(pwd)..."
curl -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rcaloras/bash-preexec/$bash_preexec_version/bash-preexec.sh
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