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atomicwrites==1.3.0 atomicwrites==1.3.0
attrs==19.1.0 attrs==19.1.0
coverage==4.5.3 coverage==4.5.3
cycler=0.10.0 cycler==0.10.0
Django==2.2.1 Django==2.2.1
django-cors-headers==3.0.2 django-cors-headers==3.0.2
django-environ==0.4.5 django-environ==0.4.5
...@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ djangorestframework-jwt==1.11.0 ...@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ djangorestframework-jwt==1.11.0
entrypoints==0.3 entrypoints==0.3
flake8==3.7.7 flake8==3.7.7
importlib-metadata==0.18 importlib-metadata==0.18
kiwisolver=1.1.0 kiwisolver==1.1.0
mccabe==0.6.1 mccabe==0.6.1
more-itertools==7.0.0 more-itertools==7.0.0
packaging==19.0 packaging==19.0
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