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fix tests

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......@@ -44,11 +44,11 @@ class BulkListSerializer(serializers.ListSerializer):
ModelClass = self.Meta.model
info = model_meta.get_field_info(ModelClass)
db_index_fields = self._get_db_index_fields(info)
updated_keys = self._get_all_key_fields(validated_data)
[data.pop(db_index_fields[0]) for data in validated_data] # remove db_index fields
for instance, validated_data_element in zip(instances, validated_data):
for key, value in validated_data_element.items():
setattr(instance, key, value)
updated_keys = self._get_all_key_fields(validated_data)
instances = ModelClass.objects.bulk_update(
......@@ -66,7 +66,8 @@ class TestGetDbIndexFields(BaseTestBulkListSerializerMethods):
def test_get_db_index_fields(self):
expected_keys = ['field1', 'field2']
tested_keys = self.bulk_list_serializer._get_all_key_fields(
self.assertListEqual(tested_keys, expected_keys)
for key in expected_keys:
self.assertIn(key, tested_keys)
class TestGetKeyFields(BaseTestBulkListSerializerMethods):
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