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Django based project to build metagenomics genes catalog and tools
Django based project to build genes catalog and tools
to play with it and contact external services.
## Run the services on your local machine
### First usage
### Prerequisites
#### Settings for Django server
#### Dependencies
As you can see, there is not a single `` file for the Django project but instead
several settings files that are located in the `settings` directory which is supposed to be a module.
Therefore, you need to add an `` to this module and specify which settings you want to import.
For instance, if you want to have the development settings, configure the ``:
The application depends on different services that run independently on docker images and all of this is
orchestrated by `docker-compose`.
from .development import *
Therefore to run the application you need:
This is to allow different settings depending your environment. You can also keep all your credentials
in this `` file.
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* `Docker` : [Install instructions](
* `Docker Compose` : [Install instructions](
#### Configuration
The settings of the Django server is based on the `backend/.env` file. You can copy the sample file
(`cp backend/.env.sample backend/.env`) and fill in the variables.
You can of course customize more of the Django server settings in the `settings` module of metagenedb.
### Run the application
#### Populate the database
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SECRET_KEY="your secret"
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