Commit 04f89dde authored by Rayan  CHIKHI's avatar Rayan CHIKHI
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--max-size isnt recognized by prefetch?!

parent 262e1ba3
...@@ -79,7 +79,8 @@ def process_file(accession, region): ...@@ -79,7 +79,8 @@ def process_file(accession, region):
prefetch_start = prefetch_start =
# 'is larger than maximum allowed: skipped' solved by: # 'is larger than maximum allowed: skipped' solved by:
# #
os.system('prefetch -X 35G '+accession) #os.system('prefetch --max-size 35G '+accession)
os.system('prefetch '+accession)
prefetch_time = - prefetch_start prefetch_time = - prefetch_start
sdb_log(sdb,accession,'prefetch_time',int(prefetch_time.seconds)) sdb_log(sdb,accession,'prefetch_time',int(prefetch_time.seconds))
os.system('mkdir -p tmp/') os.system('mkdir -p tmp/')
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