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......@@ -18,16 +18,26 @@ gnuplot (
${SRC_DIR}/ -f map_filename -t threshold -n num_gaussians -N num_iterations [-i first_iteration] [-s]
Required arguments:
`-f map_filename`: the file name of the input EM map
`-t threshold`: the density threshold
`-n num_gaussians`: number of gaussians per sub-process
`-N num_iterations`: number of recursion levels
Optional arguments:
`-i first_iteration`: initial recursion level (defaults to 1)
`-s`: enable serial mode
`-h`: display this message
The script creates a sub-directory (called `i`) for each recursion level `i`, and the output files are called `i/i.gmm` and `i_imp.gmm`.
`i/i.gmm` contains the gmm in `gmconvert` format, and `i_imp.gmm` contains the gmm in `IMP` format (the conversion is handeld by ``), which can be read in IMP using `IMP.isd.gmm_tools.decorate_gmm_from_text` function.
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