Commit 6689d2a8 authored by Remi  PLANEL's avatar Remi PLANEL
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Clean unused code

parent e2a70077
import GeneComponent from "./sequence/gene";
import ChromosomeRule from "./rules/chromosome-rule";
import SelectedChromosome from "./selected-chromosome";
import BrushableChromosomeRule from "./rules/brushable-chromosome-rule";
// D3
import { select, Selection } from "d3-selection";
import { GeneData, GenomeBrowserData, GenericAxisData, BrushableAxisData, SelectedChromosomeData } from "../types";
import { GenomeBrowserData, BrushableAxisData, SelectedChromosomeData } from "../types";
......@@ -15,8 +13,6 @@ export default function () {
chromosomeRule: "chromosome-rule",
selectedChromosome: "selected-chromosomes"
const selectedChromosomeRule = ChromosomeRule();
const geneComponent = GeneComponent();
const wholeChromosomeRule = BrushableChromosomeRule();
const selectedChromosomeComponent = SelectedChromosome();
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