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# BrainBox  

### How can you help?  

**Join our segmentation sprints!**
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 In our [GitHub issue #42]( you find
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 detailed information on how to participate and get credit for your work. Currently, we
 are trying to complete the dolphin brain!! Join our team of
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 We will be happy to work with anyone who would love to join our effort.
 While you can see in real-time what your collaborators are writing or drawing on a given
 data set, you can also chat with them, and ask for help or approval of your work. We want
 to open this scientific process to everyone with any background including citizen
 scientists and researchers. Join us!
 Here is a little video showing the [collaborative editing of brain masks in BrainBox](

**Join our efforts on GitHub!**
 Everybody very welcome! We need designers to help us design the user interface and user interaction, we need coders who help us develop our tool (Javascript, HTML, CSS) and we need people helping us with the segmentations. We welcome every level of expertise and will be happy to help.

**Get in touch with us!**
You can also e-mail us to get in touch at openneurobrainbox at gmail dot com!

**Launch your own collaborative project!**
 on [BrainBox](

**We are looking forward to meeting you!**

All work shall be open and free and respect the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines. Please have a look at them [here.](