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so that people could get rewarded for their contributions doing a pull
request on this file, adding their names and the mm and mm3 they have
been drawing :D
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Come to our **dolphin brain** at , (log in with your GitHub account) and select the Cerebrum from the Braincatalogue project and **join our segmentation sprint!**
<img width="769" alt="screen shot 2017-06-01 at 11 08 34" src="">
When you have done 2 slices,
* add your name or github handle to our file
* copy "length:..." and
* "volume:..." from the upper left corner of the BrainBox viewer into the file (just for the fun!! :D)
* and make a pull request!
The best devices for drawing over the brain are tablets with pens. With a computer mouse or trackpad it is a bit more tedious but works very fine as well 😃 Looking forward to seeing you!
Just say hi in the BrainBox chat and we will guide you to the view where we are currently working.
We will work in a axial slice and erase all the parts of the mask that cover the sulci of the brain. You see the impressively folded structure of the dolphin brain. The sulci, which are the valleys of the folds, appear darker. We erase them from the mask to being able to reconstruct the 3D surface preserving the folding.
**It's fun! Join us! :)** Careful! It's addictive! <3 😄
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