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......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ def save_output_by_chromosome(mgwas, ImpG_output_Folder, my_study):
mgwas_copy.dropna(subset=["computed_z"], how="any", inplace=True)
for chrom in mgwas_copy.index.unique():
if type(mgwas_copy.loc[chrom]) is pd.core.frame.DataFrame:
mgwas_chr = pd.DataFrame({
'rsID': mgwas_copy.loc[chrom].snp_id,
......@@ -25,6 +26,8 @@ def save_output_by_chromosome(mgwas, ImpG_output_Folder, my_study):
impg_output_file = ImpG_output_Folder + 'z_'+ my_study +'_chr'+str(chrom)+".txt"
print("WRITING CHR {} results for {} to: {}".format(chrom, my_study, ImpG_output_Folder))
mgwas_chr.sort_values(by="pos").to_csv(impg_output_file, sep="\t", index=False)
print("NO or 1 value for CHR {} results for {} to: {}".format(chrom, my_study, ImpG_output_Folder))
def save_output(mgwas, ImpG_output_Folder, my_study):
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