Commit 278bfba5 authored by Hanna  JULIENNE's avatar Hanna JULIENNE

update code to adjust to pandas newest version

parent cf85fe06
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......@@ -71,9 +71,9 @@ class ImputationLauncher(object):
ld_path = "{0}/{1}".format(ld_folder, ld_file)
ld_batch = imputer(ld_path)
zscore_results = pd.concat([zscore_results, ld_batch])
zscore_results.sort_values(by="pos", inplace=True)
zscore_results = realigned_zfiles_on_panel(ref_panel, zscore_results)
zscore_results.sort_values(by="pos", inplace=True)
return zscore_results
def genome_imputation(self, gwas_tag, ref_panel_folder, ld_folder, zscore_folder, folder_output):
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