Commit 92f4f96b authored by hjulienn's avatar hjulienn
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index update for plink matrix

parent 01ecc3b2
......@@ -82,7 +82,8 @@ def load_plink_ld(plink_ld, ref_chr_df):
mat_ld = pd.DataFrame(sym, index=mat_ld.index, columns=mat_ld.columns)
int_index = ref_chr_df.index.intersection(mat_ld.index)
re_index = ref_chr_df.loc[int_index.index].sort_values(by="pos").index
re_index = ref_chr_df.loc[int_index].sort_values(by="pos").index
mat_ld = mat_ld.loc[re_index, re_index]
return mat_ld
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