Commit b11049c0 authored by Hanna  JULIENNE's avatar Hanna JULIENNE
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fix typo + concatenation of results

parent 8c2374aa
......@@ -171,14 +171,14 @@ def impg_like_imputation(ld_file, ref_panel, zscore, window_size, buffer, lamb,
if(len(known) > 0):
imp = impg_model(zt, sig_t, sig_i_t, lamb=lamb, rcond=rcond, batch=True)
batch_df = format_result_df(imp, ref_panel, known, unknowns):
batch_df = format_result_df(imp, ref_panel, known, unknowns)
# keep only snp in the core window (and not in the buffer)
start_core_window = int(start_ld_block) + i*window_resize
end_core_window = int(start_ld_block) + (i+1)*window_resize
in_core_window = in_region(batch_df.pos, start_core_window, end_core_window)
zscore_results = pd.concat([zscore_results, batch_df.loc[in_core_window]])
zscore_results = pd.concat([zscore_results, batch_df.loc[in_core_window, zscore_results.columns]])
i = i+1
print_progression(i, Nwindows)
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