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deal with index duplicateqs in the grid_search function

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......@@ -96,9 +96,11 @@ def z_amplitude_effect(zscore_folder, masked_folder, output_folder, ref_folder,
z_file = "{0}/z_{1}_{2}.txt".format(zscore_folder, gwas, chrom)
zscore = pd.read_csv(z_file, index_col=0, sep="\t")
zscore.drop_duplicates(keep='first', inplace=True)
z_output = "{0}/z_{1}_{2}.txt".format(output_folder, gwas, chrom)
dat_orig = pd.read_csv(z_file, sep="\t", index_col=0)
dat_orig.drop_duplicates(keep='first', inplace=True)
def run_imputation(z, i):
print("Z score threshold : {}".format(z))
condition = (dat_orig.Z.abs() > z)
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