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......@@ -102,17 +102,17 @@ Load data
Just follow the notebook instructions, to load your data files.
.. image:: ../_static/gifs/loading_data.gif
.. image:: ../_static/screenshots/loading_data.png
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If you run **Track Analyzer** for the first time, enter the metadata.
.. image:: ../_static/gifs/setting_metadata.gif
.. image:: ../_static/screenshots/setting_metadata.png
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You can also set some plotting parameters such as image file format, colors to be used, image resolution, etc.
.. image:: ../_static/gifs/ploting_parameters.gif
.. image:: ../_static/screenshots/ploting_parameters.png
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Data filtering section
......@@ -121,7 +121,9 @@ Data filtering section
Subsets of the datasets can be filtered on spatiotemporal criteria: x, y, z positions, time subset and track duration.
A drawing tool also offers the possibility to hand-draw regions of interest.
.. image:: ../_static/gifs/filter_subsets.gif
.. image:: ../_static/screenshots/filter_subsets-1.png
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.. image:: ../_static/screenshots/filter_subsets-2.png
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Additionally, specific trajectories can be selected by using their position in a region of interest at a specific time. This feature can be
......@@ -130,7 +132,7 @@ useful to inspect either their past (back-tracking) or their future (fate-mappin
These subsets can then be analyzed separately. The analysis will be run independently on each on them.
Alternatively, they can be analyzed together. Trajectories and computed quantities will then be plotted together using color-coding.
.. image:: ../_static/gifs/subset_naming.gif
.. image:: ../_static/screenshots/subset_naming.png
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......@@ -149,7 +151,7 @@ All these quantities can also be averaged over the whole trajectory and plotted.
Trajectories can also be quantified using the Mean Squared Displacement (MSD) analysis. The MSD can be plotted and fitted with some diffusion models
to compute the diffusion coefficient.
.. image:: ../_static/gifs/trajectory_section.gif
.. image:: ../_static/screenshots/trajectory_section.png
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......@@ -172,7 +174,7 @@ The difference between the velocity mean and the vector average modulus is that
the grid unit, while the vector average modulus is the modulus of the vector averaged in the grid unit.
Divergence (contraction and expansion) maps, and curl (rotation) maps can also be plotted.
.. image:: ../_static/gifs/map_section.gif
.. image:: ../_static/screenshots/map_section.png
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Comparator section
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