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Used by Fredj
Required by circos (Martin)
Building from source to allow one to use cpan (perl managed, not distribution dependant) to install required perl modules. You just need to make sure that you have the required tools to properly build them.
1) requirements
2) building
wget -O /BGA2017/sources/tekaia/perl-5.24.1.tar.gz
tar -C /BGA2017/build/ -xzf /BGA2017/sources/tekaia/perl-5.24.1.tar.gz
cd /BGA2017/build/perl-5.24.1
./Configure -des -Dprefix=/BGA2017/perl-5.24.1
make -j 10
# make test
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd`; export LD_LIBRARY_PATH; cd t; ./perl harness
make install
3) installing and creating module file
mkdir /BGA2017/modulefiles/perl
wget -O /BGA2017/modulefiles/perl/5.24.1
4) circos perl modules installation
[centos@os159 circos-0.69-5]$ ./bin/circos -modules
ok 1.26 Carp
missing Clone
missing Config::General
ok 3.40 Cwd
ok 2.145 Data::Dumper
ok 2.52 Digest::MD5
ok 2.84 File::Basename
ok 3.40 File::Spec::Functions
ok 0.2301 File::Temp
ok 1.51 FindBin
missing Font::TTF::Font
missing GD
missing GD::Polyline
ok 2.4 Getopt::Long
ok 1.16 IO::File
missing List::MoreUtils
ok 1.27 List::Util
missing Math::Bezier
ok 1.997 Math::BigFloat
missing Math::Round
missing Math::VecStat
ok 1.02 Memoize
ok 1.30 POSIX
missing Params::Validate
ok 1.63 Pod::Usage
missing Readonly
missing Regexp::Common
missing SVG
missing Set::IntSpan
missing Statistics::Basic
ok 2.45 Storable
ok 1.16 Sys::Hostname
ok 2.02 Text::Balanced
missing Text::Format
ok 1.9725 Time::HiRes
- just use cpan as in
module use /BGA2017/modulefiles
module add perl
cpan install Clone
cpan install Config::General
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