Commit eabac9c9 authored by Tru  HUYNH's avatar Tru HUYNH

NCBI blast

parent 5ffc8c65
Used By Fredj
Used the binary prebuilt packages, to allow reproductible runs, but one can rebuild if needed.
1) download and install
cd /BGA2017/sources/tekaia && \
wget \ \ \
tar -C /BGA2017/ -xzf blast-2.2.26-x64-linux.tar.gz
mv /BGA2017/blast-2.2.26 /BGA2017/blast-2.2.26-x64-linux/
tar -C /BGA2017/ -xzf ncbi-blast-2.6.0+-x64-linux.tar.gz
mv ncbi-blast-2.6.0+ ncbi-blast-2.6.0+-x64-linux
2) create modulefiles
mkdir -p /BGA2017/modulefiles/ncbi-blast
wget -O /BGA2017/modulefiles/ncbi-blast/2.2.26-x64-linux
mkdir -p /BGA2017/modulefiles/ncbi-blast+
wget -O /BGA2017/modulefiles/ncbi-blast+/2.6.0+-x64-linux
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