Commit 22ca540b authored by Keith Jolley's avatar Keith Jolley

Return 0 for allele count when none defined.

parent 19e10598
......@@ -367,6 +367,6 @@ sub _get_allele_count {
? ' WHERE locus IN (SELECT locus FROM scheme_members WHERE scheme_id IN (SELECT scheme_id FROM set_schemes WHERE '
. "set_id=$set_id)) OR locus IN (SELECT locus FROM set_loci WHERE set_id=$set_id)"
: q();
return $self->{'datastore'}->run_query("SELECT SUM(allele_count) FROM locus_stats$set_clause");
return $self->{'datastore'}->run_query("SELECT SUM(allele_count) FROM locus_stats$set_clause") // 0;
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